White Night Revenge

A peculiar phenomenon caused disquiet across the land. Though the sun had long set darkness never fell. The sky stayed dimly lit until the sun rose again the next day.

After a few days without dark Boris began to grow restless.

"What's wrong Boris? You seem kind of agitated. Is everything alright?"

Ellie's worries became reality when he left without warning. On the same day Lysa arrived with an odd air similar to Boris's.

"Sorry you just missed him" Ellie said to Lysa who had yet to remove her pack.

Lysa's face grew grim. "I need your help. I don't want Boris to die."

The adventurers immediately set off after him. They aimed for the light that kept the dark at bay.


White Night Revenge Gear
The White Night Revenge is a Co-Op Event that began on 28/02/15 and ended on 03/05/15.

Ranging from 3* to 10* (limited time), each completed quest will unlock the next one.

Event GearEdit

Completing a quest has a chance of dropping blueprints for the SS Rank Pure Luminous Pendragon Helmet and the Pure Photon Arts Armor. Four pieces are required to complete a blueprint.

To evolve to SS Rank, 4 evolve materials (Light Dragon's Charm or Light Dragon's Orb) are required to evolve one piece of blueprint equipment.

The evolve materials can be obtained from any level, but are rare outside of 7*, 9* and 10* quests.

Tips / TricksEdit

Most of the enemies appears to be weak to Dark element attacks, with some weak to Ice element attacks. As such, it is advised to bring weapons with these elements to maximize damage output.

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