A Weapon is a piece of equipment that can be equipped in the character 's first equipment slot.


  1. Blade : A standard weapon, its combos connect easily after bouncing off of an enemy. If they are gathered close together, you can hit multiple enemies with one sweep!
  2. Lance : The lance can pierce straight through an enemy. Not only can you use it to deal with multiple enemies at once, the lance also shines when you are being blocked, making it hard to connect combos.
  3. Hammer : Either when you reach an enemy or stop moving, the hammer damages all the monsters around you. Aim to stop right in the middle of them to crush them at once! To keep your combos going, hitting an ally is enough!
  4. Gloves : As with the blade, you rebound after hitting an enemy. This weapon is so fast that your attacks hit twice every time you touch an enemy. One attack doesn't do much damage, but your combo counter will go through the roof!
  5. Staff : A Flash of light spreads out like a fan, hitting everyone in front of you. Due to the great range of this weapon, even far away enemies cannot hide. Like with the hammer, pull the slingshot just right to sweep the field clean!