• I hope someone can help me out here with some info. 

    I really like this game and I've invested some money and a lot of time into it, but I'll be getting a new phone in January. I signed up as an advanced user and I have the game linked to my play account, I jsut want to make sure when I get my new phone I can get Slingshot back with all my current stuff.

    Has anyone gone through this before and could share some info with me on how it works?

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    • Yes. It works great. When you get your new phone and install the game, it will ask you to change devices. I believe that it is the bottom option of the two given, but enter the email that you used as an Advanced User and all of your stuff will be brought in.

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    • Excellent! Thanks so much!

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    • Hi there guys!!!

      Im also going to change my phone so i was wondering about advanced user too.

      But im a bit confused.

      My first question:

      What is the difference between registering email and registering google account??? Is it the same or not???

      Btw i just tried going with registering google account and after im done there are 2 option: cancel and change password.

      So this is my second question:

      What is the change password options for??? Is it for my slingshot braves or google account???

      My third question:

      When changing devices do i only need to enter the email account or does it need a password too???

      And finally my final question:

      Can the registered email be changed or not???

      thank you

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    • Hey! Here are some answers:

      1) Registering your google account will give the game access to all things google (including google+) which grants it the ability to post stuff, etc. Using the email address only allows it to access your email. Both methods store your information for the game, though.

      2) I have not used the google account option, so I couldn't say for sure. My guess would be for your google account as SB has no login information.

      3) It depends on the method you used. If you only gave your email address, that is all it needs. If you registered your google account, it will require a password.

      4) I have not tried it, but I don't think that it matters. When I moved from one device to another, I simple started the game on the new device, selected the change device button that comes up before tap to start, entered my email addy and all of my brave were there with all of the weapons, materials, and money that I had before.

      Hope this helps!

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    • wow you sure answer fast!!!!!

      thanks for the answer.

      guess i'll just give it a shot!!!

      hope everything will go just fine.

      again: thanks for the help!!!!!!   :)

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    • to chime in on this topic. my app got curropted and i did a reinstall of the game. when i try to login using the advanced user option it says that my info is already an advanced user but it won't recognize it as me and there by making me start over froom scratch. is there anything that i can do to rectify this?

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    • Do you have another device that has not been used for your game? If so, try getting all of your data on to that one. Then you should be able to completely clean the app from your device; just uninstalling it will not do, you have to make sure that all of the Colopl directories are gone (try clearing the cache first before unistall as well). This will hopefully get you back up and running.

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    • i really like this game, i play this game using my friend account. is it possible if i replace it using my account?

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    • if you mean replacing it as your account, you can just log out, then log back in (or atleast i think that's how it works with android and i don't have an andriod)... for ios though, you need to delete the game, reinstall then log in to your account... clearing cache doesn't work, it will just redownload the data but not log you out

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    • was just wondering got a new phone too, and tried signing in with my google account. but when I try to sign in a message comes up saying im not registered as an advanced user. can anyone tell me how I become an advanced user?

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    • wrote:
      was just wondering got a new phone too, and tried signing in with my google account. but when I try to sign in a message comes up saying im not registered as an advanced user. can anyone tell me how I become an advanced user?

      I believe you would go into settings from the menu option and then go to advanced user where you can confirm your account with google. I can't remember if this was the exact way.

      Also to chime in a bit more on using Google as a login. I switch back and forth between my phone and tablet to play so it does indeed work. 

      Another advantage of linking to Google is when you complete specific achievements you get Gems as a reward. if you're linked to Google you can go to Menu and Results and you can see the list of achievements you can complete. Hope this helps.

      Add me if you guys want a mediocre player in SB. Started playing only a few days, very addicting and fun. Don't have to spend a dime and still be competitive.

      My invite code is: /SRN2MF2K

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    • How do you logout? When I clear cache the player they forced me to make and play with is still here.

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    • I logged in on my new phone and said I was not an advanced user, how do I change this and get my old account back?

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    • A FANDOM user
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