Steel Revival

"I'm just worried about you adventurers, that's all!"

Boris is having a heated discussion with Ellie.

"So you put everyone in even more danger with these crazy hard missions in order to get better armor? That's nuts!"

Ellie's mention of better armor brings a lot of attention from the surrounding adventurers who are listening. It turns out that Boris has crafted some new assignments in order to allow adventurers to get their hands on some rare obsidian crystals that will upgrade equipment from a previous outing.

"There is no way that we would risk our lives just to get this fancy new armor upgrade! Right guys?"

Ellie turns for confirmation from her fellow adventurers, but they've already taken off to get some obsidian crystals for themselves.

"You'd better get out there and find some for yourself before they're all gone, Ellie!"


Steel Revival Gear

Steel Revival is a Solo Event that began on 19/05/15 and ended on 25/05/15.

Ranging from 3* to 14* (limited times), each completed quest will unlock the next one.

Event GearEdit

Completing a quest has a chance of dropping blueprints for the A Rank Heavy Helmet or the Heavy Armor. Four pieces are required to complete each blueprint.

Completing a quest will also have a chance of dropping new evolve materials (Obsidian Shard), which is needed to evolve each SS Rank gear to their enhanced SS Rank version. Fifty Obsidian Shards are required to evolve each SS Rank gear.

To evolve to SS Rank, evolve materials of their respective gear are required. These evolve materials can be obtained by chance by clearing the quest in order to gain their evolve material.

To evolve the A Rank Heavy Helmet to SS Rank Helmet of Gloria, four evolve materials (Jewel Steel Soulsphere) are required for each gear.

To evolve the A Rank Heavy Armor to SS Rank Armor of Sanctus, four evolve materials (Steel Soulsphere) are required for each gear.

The evolve materials can be obtained from any level, but the higher the difficulty, the higher chances are of dropping it.



Element Weakness 3* 5* 7* 9* 11* 12* 14* Bonus Notes
Slime Fire/Ice/Wind/Dark
Skeleton Light
Chaos Slime Light
Gluttony Plant Fire
Hornless Bull Fire
Chaos Mini Dragon Light
Ice Mini Dragon Elec
Red Slime Ice
Bat Fire
Ashlee Plant Fire
Wild Bull Fire
Shadow (Glove)
Planton Fire
Shadow (Lance)
Golem Ice/Wind
Shadow (Blade)
Giant Chaos Dragon Light
Aero Mini Dragon Fire
Aero Slime Fire
Giant Ice Dragon Elec
Mushroom Fire
Ice Bull Elec
Mimic Wind/Dark
Frog Elec
Skeleton Knight Light
Shadow (Hammer)
Ice Bull Elec

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