Minotaurus Bane Revived

The evil warlock, "Moloka" is back!?

But this time, you can't expect help from other adventurers in the guild...

Venture into the maze and put down the warlock's dark soul, once and for all!


The Minotaurus Bane Revived is a Solo Event that began on 02/03/15 and ended on 08/03/15.

Ranging from 1* to 10* (unlocked by completing 9* three times), each completed quest will unlock the next one.

Event GearEdit

Minotaurus Bane Revived Gear
Completing the 3* for the first time unlocks the Sacrificium Lance.

To evolve it to S Rank Flame Lance Desperatio, the evolve material Horn of Inferno is required which can be obtained in all quests, but the harder the quest, the higher the chance.

To evolve it to SS Rank Inferno Lance Hell-Castor, the evolve material Horn of Hades is required, which is obtainable by chance upon defeating Moloka. The evolve materials can be obtained from any level, but are rare outside of 7*, 9* and 10* quests.

Tips / TricksEdit

Most of the enemies appears to be weak to Light element attacks, with some weak to Ice element attacks. As such, it is advised to bring weapons with these elements to maximize damage output.

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