1. Lances are piercing weapons, allowing you to cut through enemies and obstacles without bouncing off of them. This allows you to easily chain your combos together, no matter what may be blocking your path. If used properly, a Lance can easily clear half the arena in one shot, and save your combo while it's at it.

List of LancesEdit

C-Rank Lances

  • Legendary Dragon Lance (Unknown)

B-Rank LancesEdit

  • Apprentice's Lance (Metal)
  • Strong Lance (Unknown)

A-Rank LancesEdit

  • Grand Pike (Ore)

S-Rank LancesEdit

Tips and TricksEdit

Lances have the unique ability to pierce through enemies and obstacles. This makes them extremely useful in many ways.

Precision Targeting - You can easily use a lance to target specific enemies, such as a Skeleton that will revive in the next turn, without having to worry about accidentally bouncing the wrong way and missing it.

Combo Saver - Unlike every other weapon, the lance can charge through anything and hit your other character to save a combo. Use this to your advantage, especially when there are many enemies between you and that huge combo you've been building!

Multiple Hits - Although the lance can't bounce off enemies and chain together huge combos, you CAN use it to pass through an enemy, hit the wall, and come right back for another hit from the rear. This can cause huge damage, especially against the larger boss monsters.

Back Attack Vulnerability - Try to plan where your attack will stop. While lances have some of the highest raw attack power in the game, passing through an enemy leaves your back side exposed for an immediate counter attack if they are not killed.