Gems are the Premium Currency of the game.


One gem can be used in the following ways:

  • To revive all three characters to full health and skills should the player be defeated in battle. 
  • To fully recharge one's Energy/Stamina.
  • To increase equipment capacity by 5.
  • To edit one of the three characters each player has. It should be noted that this does not apply to the first edit that is made to a character, which is free. However, subsquent changes will cost a gem.

Not everything costs only one gem. For example, using Gacha system requires 5 gems.

Obtaining GemsEdit

There are multiple ways to get gems in-game. 

  • One gem is given as a reward for  completing a level (six quests) in any region.
  • Completeing certain other quests will earn a gem.
  • By logging on every day, one will recieve a gem every second day through the daily log on bonus.

Gems can also be purchased using actual currency in different amounts.

Number of Gems Price (in dollars)
1 $0.99
5 $4.99
10 $8.99
25 $20.99
50 $40.99
75 $55.99

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