Notice: The Gacha system went through a rework with the game update on 5/30/2014, which as of this writing was not required a reinstall after registering your account. This information will be updated as needed once the new version can be explored.

The Gacha system allows you to trade 5 gems for a chance at one of 16 currently selected items. There is an equal chance at any item currently available. All Gacha items can reach S-Rank through Evolution.

Items are updated twice weekly, currently Monday/Thursday at 11:00 PM EST.


There are always 16 items available in the Gacha at any time.These are generally broken down as follows:

Note: The B-Rank Armors and Helms switch back and forth with each update. This allows you to get the matching Armor/Helm for any given material (with a lot of luck) over the course of a week.

Known Gacha ItemsEdit

These are items known to be offered in the Gacha, broken down into special offerings (A-Rank equipment offered once/rarely) and regularly appearing equipment.

Special OfferingsEdit

Regular OfferingsEdit

Material Armor Helm Weapons
Horn Berserker's Vest Berserker's Band

Bone Knuckle (Glove)

Lumber Pixie's Tunica Pixie's Cap

Wood Spear (Lance)

Metal Plated Mail Plate Helm

Iron Rod (Staff)
Worn Blade (Blade)

Ore Amethyst Mail Amethyst Helm

Warhammer (Hammer)

May 2014 :

Gacha (2)



Gacha Sets:Edit

Weapon ads:

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