Event Royal Academy0

Entrance Exam to the Royal Landova Academy is a SP Event.

EventRoyal AcademyDesc

The event is split into 2 gender specific periods.

Male Rewards (July 11 - 17), Female Rewards (July 18 - 24).

Equipment Rewards: Edit

Student's Gown.

EventRoyal AcademyGear2

Student's Cap.

EventRoyal AcademyGear1

Quests: Edit

EventRoyal Academy0

Path of Luck (Randomly rewards Gold Rings/Rings of Luck worth 3 points) Edit

  • (5E)(**) Exam 1 (1 GR Max) (First Clear: 1 Gem)
  • (10E)(***) Exam 2 (2 GR Max)
  • (15E)(****) Exam 3 (3 GR Max)
  • (25E)(*****) Exam 4 (5 GR Max)

Path of Effort (Rewards set amounts of Silver Rings/Rings of Effort worth 1 point) Edit

  • (5E)(**) Exam 1 (1 SR) (First Clear: 1 Gem)
  • (10E)(***) Exam 2 (2 SR)
  • (15E)(****) Exam 3 (3 SR)
  • (25E)(*****) Exam 4 (5 SR)

Exam of Luck I (Requires 30 GR) (First Clear: Student's Cap)

Exam of Luck II (Requires 100 GR) (First Clear: Student's Gown)

Exam of Effort I (Requires 100 SR) (First Clear: Student's Cap)

Exam of Effort II (Requires 350 SR) (First Clear: Student's Gown)

Ranking Rewards: Edit


EventRoyal AcademyDR

Overall:(Rare Orbs)

EventRoyal AcademyOR

Additional Information: Edit

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