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The Evolving MazeEdit

Mel's at it again and has found clues leading to a mythical dungeon.

This event runs from 6/18 thru 6/30 and provides a collection of 2-6 star battles. Each battle must be cleared before the next can be attempted.


You can collect the Blueprint for the A-Rank Beetle Spirit, which can later be upgraded to Beelzebub and enhanced further to the Soul-Forged Beelzebub using Talismans of Enhancement collected through very rare quest drops. The Beetle Spirit requires 8 blueprint pieces of the corresponding type to complete. It seems that the Talisman only shows up after the Beetle Spirit one is complete.

Note: 8 blueprint pieces for Beetle Spirit and an additional 5 Talismans are required to get the Soul-Forged Beelzebub... This is the first appearance (and possibly only) appearance of these Talismans

Tips / TricksEdit

This appears to be a Lumber themed dungeon, and is a good source of materials. The following items have been confirmed to drop during battle (rarely)

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