Co-op Event running from (July 7th to July 15th) (03/07->15/07)

Collect an 8 piece Blueprint to obtain the Epeé de l'amour, evolve to the Retribution blade (S) and use 100 Amulets of Enhancement to evolve it to the Beautiful Retribution blade (S*).

First Clearing each quest gives 1 Gem and 1 Amulet of Enhancement.

Known Equipment Drops: Parkate Scale, Parkate Cap, and Larei Asfal Staff.


  • (5E) (**) Investigating the Ruins
  • (10E) (***) Ancient Relics
  • (15E) (****) Scattered ruins
  • (20E) (*****) Repeated Investigation
  • (25E) (******) Surviving Sacrament

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