The Bewitching TowerEdit

A tower only you and Ellie can see has appeared in the distance, defeat the waves of demons to gain special rewards. This is a Solo Event.


When you first complete a battle, you will receive the reward listed below in your Presents. This event is also a good source of both A-Rank material and coins.

Rank Level Completion Reward
* The Courageous First Step
  • 1 Gem
** Turbulent Breathing [Fear]
** Turbulent Breathing [Sorrow]
  • 2 Gems
*** Corroded Shadows [Force]
*** Corroded Shadows [Havoc]
  • 3 Gems
**** Inside the Tower: 1st Floor
**** Inside the Tower: 5th Floor
**** Inside the Tower: 10th Floor
  • 4 Gems
***** Inside the Tower: 15th Floor
***** Inside the Tower: 20th Floor
***** Inside the Tower: 30th Floor
****** Are You Prepared?
  • 5 Gems


Drops from the last level of The Bewitching Tower: Are You Prepared? [Six Stars, Five Stages]

DeKo drops bewitching tower

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