Single-player Event 

(Part 1: June 27-31) (Lance quest) 

(Part 2: July 9, 16 , 23, 30) (Evo. mat quests)  

You need to complete the quest once to receive the material in your inbox. Since 2 materials are needed to take the Lance from B-Rank to S-Rank, you need to complete the quest on two of the four dates listed. 

Quests: Edit

Apprentice's Prototype Part 1: Edit

Apprentice's Prototype Metal Supply: Edit

  • (5E) Get lots of Metals (Quest Clear Reward: Metal materials: 1xA, 3xB, 10xC)

Apprentice's Prototype Part 2 (Week 1): (all weeks are probably the same)

Lance: Edit

The Apprentice's Lance evolves into the Apprentice's Lance + which evolves into the Apprentice's Craftsmanship. The first two stages have the Homing Lance skill.

You could vote via the Facebook page for the skill you wanted the final stage Lance to have. The winning skill was Lightning Cross.

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