Dragon Bane

Uroborus. A fiend that took the life of Boris's companions long ago.

In order to defeat the formidable adversary, his party ventured out to the east to find the source of a mysterious light.

What they came across were mysterious ruins.

Boris stood in front of the ruins and began to tremble.

He was overcome by both fear from his horrible memories and images of the upcoming battle that played out in his head.

His mind was consumed by these.

"Boris, let's not rush into this."

"I know."

Saying it is the easy part. Remaining calm in the face of this beast would prove difficult.

Someone needed to calm Boris down.

But that's not something that mere words can easily do.


Dragon Bane Lightdrake Gear

The Dragonbane -Lightdrake- is a Co-Op Event that began on 12/03/15 and ended on 18/03/15.

Ranging from 3* to 10* (limited times), each completed quest will unlock the next one.

Extra quests, "Blow of Justice" and "Last Judgement" can be unlocked by completing the "Sage's Emblem" and "Holy Light Emblem" Blueprints respectively.

The Blueprint parts for "Sage's Emblem" can be found in the 5* quest "Flawless Light".

The Blueprint parts for "Holy Light Emblem" can be found in the 7* quest "Blinding Whiteness".

The "Last Judgement" quest will only be available during the same times as the 10* quest.

Event GearEdit

Completing the 5* for the first time unlocks the Lightdrake's Claw Uroboros.

To evolve it to S Rank Lightdrake's Claw Sanct-Lucas, the evolve material Orb of Holy Light is required which can be obtained in 7* and above quests, The harder the quest, the higher the chance.

To evolve it to SS Rank Lightdrake's Claw Absolut-Justitia, the evolve material Orb of Twilight is required, which can be obtained in 7* and above quests. The harder the quest, the higher the chance.

Enemies (WIP)Edit


Element Weakness 3* 5* 7* 9* 10* Bonus Notes

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