Depths of the Abyss - Part 2

The battle against the demon king was hard-fought and done.

It seemed peace was regained on Landova, but Belial's dark lairs still held mysterious secrets, yet to be uncovered. One of them, you knew, was the familiar piece of blueprints you've come across in past battles...

Who knows what mortal battles might lie ahead? It's time to prepare now, to take ahold of past remnants and get ready for future combat!


Depths of the Abyss - Part 2 Gear

Depths of the Abyss - Part 2 is a Co-Op Event that began on 07/05/15 and ended on 12/05/15.

Ranging from 3* to 12* (limited times), each completed quest will unlock the next one.

Event GearEdit

Completing a quest has a chance of dropping blueprints for the A Rank Harness of Resistance, Helm of Resistance, Ritter Armor. or the Ritter Helmet. Four pieces are required to complete each blueprint.

Completing a quest will also have a chance of dropping new evolve materials (Abyss Stones), which is needed to evolve each SS Rank gear to their enhanced SS Rank version. Fifteen Abyss Stones are required to evolve each SS Rank gear.

To evolve to SS Rank, evolve materials of their respective gear are required. These evolve materials can be obtained by chance by clearing the quest in order to gain their evolve material.

To evolve the Harness of Resistance and the Helm of Resistance to SS Rank, two evolve materials (Malefic Gear) are required for each gear.

To evolve the Ritter Armor and the Ritter Helmet to SS Rank, four of each evolve material (Queen's Servant and Queen's Nest) are required for each gear.

The evolve materials can be obtained from any level, but the higher the difficulty, the higher chances are of dropping it.

Enemies (WIP)Edit


Element Weakness 3* 5* 7* 9* 11* 12* Bonus Notes
Chaos Slime Light A
Skeleton Light
Chaos Mini Dragon Light A
Wild Bull Fire A/B
Ashlee Plant Fire B
Golem Ice/Wind A/B
Shadow (Blade) B
Giant Chaos Dragon Light A
Shadow (Glove) B
Planton Fire A/B
Skeleton Lord Light A
Skeleton (Mace) Light A
Elec Slime Wind B
Mushroom Fire B
Shadow (Hammer) B
Elec Bull Wind B
Giant Poison Slime B
Howling Wolf Dark B
Minotaur Light B
Shadow (Lance) A/B
Shadow (Staff) B
Mimic B

A - Set of monsters that appear from the Resistance gear event.

B - Set of monsters that appear from the Ritter gear event.

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