Dawn of the Omega Dragon

The day that you first became an adventurer still haunts you. Not because you met such an odd band of characters and joined their ranks, but because of the dream that you had while dozing off during the registration.

That battle with the dragon has played through your mind multiple times since then, and each time you wake up with a cold sweat.

You never thought that you would have the opportunity to come face to face with that beast in real life, but for some reason that dream has become more frequent lately. The frequency of this reoccurring dream has you concerned lately.

... Then one day...

Ellie approaches you with a new mission. The guild has agreed to lead an attack on the Tower of Furai, aka the Omega Tower, an ancient tower that housed shrines to the gods of thunder and wind. Long ago, these gods had their tower usurped by a large demon that nobody had ever seen and lived to talk about. As for the gods, nobody knows what has happened to them.

This demon has held control over the tower since and people had long given up ever defeating him. Until now.

"We have sent scouts up the tower to get info on the demon. If we can get into that tower, surely the gods of wind and thunder will grant us their power, right?"

Ellie seems rather hopeful as she speaks. It's what she says next that stops you dead in your tracks. "Oh, I should tell you. We received some intel back that the demon at the top is a dragon! You've handled dragons before and I know that you are strong enough to take on any challenge. Nothing can stop us!" Ellie's positivity can't stop your heart from coming to a full stop. Your feet feel cold and you wonder if your hands are still attached. It's as if in an instant your mind were disconnected from your body as cold fear floods your veins.

You collect your thoughts and try to think reasonably. There are many dragons in this land and there's no way that the dragon from your dream even really exists.

You start to collect your equipment as you consider leaving the guild in fear of your life. Just calm down, don't let the fear control you. That dragon was just a dream... right?


Dawn of the Omega Dragon Gear

The Dawn of the Omega Dragon is a Solo Event that began on 31/03/15 and ended on 05/04/15.

As a tower type quest, the player can progress all the way to the end of the tower from a starting point (whichever floor that is unlocked) as long as they are not defeated or did not retire after completing a floor.

Each stage completed will result in rewarding one Area Point. Accumulating up to 10 Area Points (or completing an entire floor from beginning to end) will result in a Area Point Reward.

The player is also allowed to choose within a cycled list, a friend or a random player to help during the quest and will appear when the player is down to their last character.

The character that is chosen from that friend or random player is the strongest character they have at that moment.

If that friend or random player succeeds in helping, a token of appreciation will be sent.

Ranging from 2* to 11* (judged based on stamina cost), each completed floor will unlock the next one.

Event RewardsEdit

Event rewards are progressive, and is based on how far the player is able to progress.

The player is required to complete the "Poisonous Awakening" (first floor) and "Blooming Cataclysm" (second floor) in order to get the male and female A Rank head gear for the Electro-God Raijin's Headgear.

To obtain the male and female A Rank armor of the Electro-God Raijin's Suit, the player is required to complete the "The Omega Dragon" (tenth floor) and "Ancient Shadow" (ninth floor).

The player is required to complete the "Toad Turmoil" (fourth floor) and "Giant Destruction" (fifth floor) in order to get the male and female A Rank head gear for the Aero-God Fuujin's Headgear.

To obtain the male and female A Rank armor of the Aero-God Fuujin's Suit, the player is required to complete the "Bolting Horns" (seventh floor) and "Treasure Trap" (sixth floor).

The evolution materials, "Raijin's Horn" and "Fuujin's Horn" can be obtained as a drop item in the Boss battle of all areas.

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