Dark Power Unleashed

The battle the ravaged Landova is drawing to a close.

The city that was closed off to purge the evil inside will once again open its gates to the outside. "Just a little bit more! We're almost there!!"

Boris's voice electrifies the troops' morale.

At the same time, Ellie awaited the return of the adventurers outside of Landova's gates.

All she was allowed to do was wait.

She feels so helpless knowing that her comrades are on the inside risking their lives to save the city.

She didn't usually think this way, but now she had extra time to do some thinking.

She had no choice but to wait for their victory.

What can I do to help them?

This was the first time that she had enough free time to begin to doubt herself...


Dark Power Unleashed Gear

The Dark Power Unleashed is a Co-Op Event that began on 28/03/15 and ended on 03/04/15.

Ranging from 3* to 12* (Limited times), each completed quest will unlock the next one.

Event RewardsEdit

Completing a quest will reward the player with Demon Spirits, which could be used to evolve the Blaze of Darkness, Flare Cyclone, Dragon Ice Inferno, Tempest of Heaven, Queen Ether of Sparklight, and Lightdrake's Claw Absolut-Justitia.

30 Demon Spirits are required to evolve each one.

Demon Spirits can be found in any of the event quests, but the higher the difficulty the more you can find.

Demon Spirits can be sold or used as upgrade materials.

Enemies (WIP)Edit


Element Weakness 3* 5* 7* 9* 11* Bonus Notes

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