Crack of Doom

While out on a quest one day, and odd occurrence happened.

On that day Elenor had joined the pack and suddenly she started hearing a sound.

Thing is, none of the adults were able to hear it. She thought maybe her ears were just ringing.

But the sound was so constant and pulsing. Whatever she tried it didn't stop.

Elenor decided to open up her ears and follow the sound.

She continued in the direction where the sound gradually became louder.

It was there that she found an odd stone.

It had a smooth surface and didn't seem too different than any other rock.

Well, except for the fact that it emitted a pulsating sound.

She took the rock back to the adventurers, but none of them reacted to it.

They couldn't hear the sound, only Elenor could.

That actually made Elenor excited. She had made a mystic discovery! She was so pleased with her new find.

But who would have thought that the sound being emitted was calling for destruction...


Crack of Doom Gear

The Crack of Doom is a Co-Op Event that began on 19/03/15 and ended on 27/03/15.

Ranging from 3* to 12* (limited times), each completed quest will unlock the next one.

Event GearEdit

Completing a quest has a chance of dropping blueprints for the SS Rank Sixth-Heaven Archdemon Helm and the Sixth-Heaven Archdemono Mail. Four pieces are required to complete a blueprint.

To evolve to SS Rank, 4 evolve materials (Demonic Head or Grimoire) are required to evolve one piece of blueprint equipment.

The evolve materials can be obtained from any level, but the higher the difficulty, the higher chances are of dropping it.

In addition, completing the 7* will reward the player with Dragon Blade Squama, Rod of the Dryads, Wolf Break Mallet, Venom Queen, Moloka's Lance, and Lightdrake's Claw Uroboros that were rewarded from their original events.

To evolve to SS Rank, evolve materials of their respective gear are required. These evolve materials can be obtained by defeating that specific boss in order to gain their evolve material.

Enemies (WIP)Edit


Element Weakness 3* 5* 7* 9* 11* Bonus Notes
Fire Slime Ice
Chaos Slime Light
Holy Slime Dark
Fire Bull Ice
Ice Bull Electric
Shadow (Sword) Unknown
Shadow (Lance) Unknown
Shadow (Hammer) Unknown
Shadow (Staff) Unknown
Shadow (Fist) Unknown
Holy Frog Dark
Ice Mini Dragon Electric
Chaos Mini Dragon Light
Aero Mini Dragon Fire
Fire Golem Ice
Blue Dragon Electric
Dryad Fire
Flame Wolf (?) Ice
Demon Queen (?) Unknown
Warlock Moloka Light
White Holy Dragon Dark

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