Subduing The DemonsEdit

Was added September 1st to replace the existing Facing The Demons quest line. Each quest must be completed in turn before unlocking the next quest along the way. Each quest also features a certain enemy type heavily.

Quest ListEdit

Each quest will be listed with any milestones worth noting.

Name Difficult (Cost) Milestones Addt'l Notes
The Spiteful Slime * (5)
  • Features Slimes, mostly basic Blue Slimes
The Baneful Bull ** (7)
  • Bulls are added to the mix
  • A gem is awarded for first win
The Panicky Plant *** (10)
  • The final battle had about a dozen plants, strike thru weapons are recommended (Lance, Staff, Hammer)
The Savage Skeleton *** (10)
  • Skeletons are featured, and included heavily in most levels moving forward
  • the newest Mace Skeletons are included heavily.
  • A gem is awarded for first win
The Defiant Dragon **** (15)
  • Dragons are added sparingly from now on
The Malicious Mimic **** (15)
  • Mimics are frequently featured here
The Maniacal Mushroom ***** (20)
  • First confirmed SS-Ranked Material dropped
The Foul Frog ***** (20)
  • A gem is awarded for first complete
The Gargantuan Golem ****** (25)
  • 3 Golems are featured, first solo then a pair to complete the quest
  • You can keep the final golems pinned behind their skeleton friends to keep safe.
The Belligerent Ballista ****** (25)
  • The final dual ballista are protected by mace skeletons, try to clear those and the plants with a solo skill before doing a dual combo to take out the ballista.
  • A final gem is awarded for first win

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