• Avantyr

    Discussion: Drop sets

    June 13, 2014 by Avantyr

    Should we just create a single page on where to get particular types of equipment?

    The idea is that since there are about 7 equipment groups it might save time:

    1) C items: they drop from any story quest and Co-op.

    B items :

    2)   *Crystal Group (Sentinel set): Second Town and Co-op.

    3)   *Metal Group (Chevalier set): Co-op.

    4)   *Horn Group (Warrior set): First Town and Co-op.

    5) Co-op Exclusives: (Jager set and Hard horn, for example)

    6) Blueprints/Event Blueprints

    7) Gacha

    My thinking is that making 1 page with this info and just redirecting to it would be easier than putting on each eq. page where it is found (asuming this is right and there are not too many exceptions).

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