Achievements are trophies given for meeting certain criteria. There are currently 23 achievements, each of which will reward you by placing 1 gem in your present box.


To access your achievements, on your main screen open the menu list and click on the "Result" button. (box with a picture of red gaming controller)

Advanced UserEdit

To qualify for achievement rewards you must become an Advanced User. This is done by linking your Slingshot Braves account with your Google+ account.

Once registered as an Advanced User, all the achievements you've met in the past will activate and a proportional amount of gems will be placed in your Present box.

List of AchievementsEdit

Achievement Name Description
Artifact A Obtained
Specialist S Obtained
Evolutionist First Evolution
Combo linker First Combo Link
Hyper Combo Linker Completed a 10-link Combo
Dual Comboist First Dual Combo
Combo Beginner 10-hit Combo
Combo intermediate 30-hit Combo
Combo Advanced 100-hit Combo
Newbie Mutliplayer First Multiplayer Battle
Decent Multiplayer 10 Multiplayer Battles Cleared
Pro Multiplayer 30 Multiplayer Battles Cleared
Mulitplayer Master 100 Multiplayer Battles Cleared
Daily Bonus Collector One Week of Daily Bonuses
Novice Adventurer First Quest Complete
Independent Adventurer All Quests in Randova Cleared
Veteran Adventurer All Quests in Port Town Route Cleared
Little Berserker 1000 Damage Inflicted
Iron Wall Warrior Flawless Victory
Berserker 5000 Damage Inflicted
King of Destruction 10000 Damage Inflicted
Combo Link Master Completed a 50-link combo
Combo Advanced Completed a 100-link combo